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The Department of Vague Paranoia

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This is priceless - you have to see this... First take a look at the official UK government Preparing For Emergencies website. Feel reassured? Good! Now take a look at this wonderful ... Read more..

Kunzle Showboats

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004 Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments »

Who can forget Kunzle Showboats? Delicious chocolate shells filled with fondant cream, sponge and topped with more chocolate or small sweets. You could buy them individually in sweet shops and coffee shops. or your ... Read more..

We’re going to reap what we sow…

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When is a protest vote not a protest vote? In the recent European Parliament elections, the UK Independence Party polled a record high and as a result we are now represented in the ... Read more..