We’re going to reap what we sow…

When is a protest vote not a protest vote?

In the recent European Parliament elections, the UK
Independence Party polled a record high and as a result
we are now represented in the European Parliament by 12
MEPs who do not believe in the European Parliament. As
the Americans say “Go Figure!”

Actually, they are down to eleven now – already one of
their number has had to be removed due to fraud allegations

Another is the so-called TV personality, Robert Kilroy
Silk – already discredited when he lost his TV job
after allegations of racist comments. His avowed
intention is to wreck the EU Parliament.

Graham Farage invited a reporter from the Independent
to join him in Brussels to see what he does there. Very little it would

These people are there at our expense. We are paying
for them to represent us in a Parliament that they
don’t believe in – and we foot the bill!

But we only have ourselves to blame – a sobering
thought next time one is thinking of registering a
“protest vote”

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