Kunzle Showboats

Who can forget Kunzle Showboats?

Delicious chocolate shells filled with fondant cream,
sponge and topped with more chocolate or small sweets.

You could buy them individually in sweet shops and
coffee shops. or your mother would buy a box of them
for Sunday tea.

Then all of a sudden, they disappeared from the shops.
What happened?

Well, I have been trying to find out for several years.
The original Kunzle company became the property of
Lyons in the late sixties. Lyons continued to produce
Kunzle Showboats for a while after that.

More takeovers and mergers followed over the years, and
now the Lyons brand is owned by RHM Limited. You may
never have heard from them but they are a giant food
group who are also behind the “Mr Kipling” brand.

Somewhere along the way, Kunzle Showboats got lost.

Why do I care – why should you care?

Kunzle Showboats were a unique (and delicious)
confection. They were also a part of British child hood
for a generation of people. There is nothing else
remotely like them.

When I talk to people, many also fondly remember the
little chocolate cakes. They had so much chocolate,
cream and decoration there was little room left for
sponge – they were sheer indulgence.

I have seen them discussed on the internet, and also
discussed on radio phone-ins. I feel sure that if
enough of us told RHM Limited how we felt – they would
realise that reviving them would be good business for


Bring Back Kunzle Showboats!

13 thoughts on “Kunzle Showboats”

  1. Kunzle showboats were wonderful. Evening suppertimes with a kunzle showboats, we all used to fight over the best one. Bring em back NOW

  2. Those showboats were beautiful,and my favorite cakes. They seem to have disappeared around 1979 and i remember around that time i wrote to lyons and did get a reply saying they were too expensive to produce. I only remember them in boxes of 4s and 6s though, not 12s. I remember the advert on tv for them as well which ran sometime in the 1970s. I wish they would be reintroduced,and have done for years.

  3. Kunzle cakes/Lyons showboats….mmmmmmmmmmm
    I would give anything to see them back in the shops, I don’t have erotic dreams, just dreams of those wonderfully delicious cakes. There have never been anything else that are even remotely as luscious as them. Please bring them back…please please please!!!!!!!!

  4. I have wondered what happened to Kunzles for years, whenever I mentioned them to people they had never heard of them! I was beginning to think I had imagined them in my childhood, please Lyons….bring them back.

  5. I remember having them as a child when we were on holiday in cornwall where we would eat them on the beach with our picnic! My favourite was the hexagonal one which I seem to remember had a yellow top and a chocolate button in the centre! Not many people I speak to now remember them but they were delicious. A chocolatiers near where I live makes them himself but they are expensive. Even if they only brought them out at Easter or special occasions I would love to try one again – so many happy childhood memories – my brother and I arguing over who should have which!

  6. I am always telling my kids about Kunzle cakes – they made my childhood magic – I loved them soooooo much. I am so happy they were not just a figment of my imagination and that others appreciated and loved them as well !

  7. I too remember these gorgeous little cakes that looked almost too good to eat. They were little works of art. And that seems to be why they are no longer produced. The rising price of chocolate and the fact that they were hand filled and finished, made them far too expensive to produce. They could not find a way of making a machine which could mass produced them, so sadly they just stopped making them. Personally I would be willing to pay the premium price to have them back in my life again. They really were something special. A proper teatime treat.

  8. I remember these cakes their the best ever nothing comes close since could eat the by the boxful

  9. I remember as a child in the late fifties and early sixties having these wonderful cakes at Rossi’s on the seafront in Southend. Pure magic !!!!!!

  10. I remember these when I was 18. They were too expensive for me to buy, but I told myself that one day I will buy a box just for me. By the time I could afford them, they had disappeared. They looked so tempting, and I regret never having got to taste one. C’est la vie, hein?

  11. Yes I remember them back in the day it was lovely to open the box and look at the four cakes and deciding which one you wanted they all looked so good the oval one with orange flavoured buttercream was my favourite

  12. So glad I am not the only person who remembers the showboat cakes so fondly. Really would love to see them again. We only had them when on special occasions – Birthdays, Christmas, special visitors – so when I got older I treated myself to a whole box of four. Bliss!!!

  13. I used to love these! Recently I was talking about them with my dad and he would love to see them back! I’ve got a recipe to try for him so hope they turn out OK!

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