Anyone want to be a Tory Candidate?

With the news that nearly all of the candidates for the Hartlepool by-election have now been announced, things are still very quiet over at Conservative Central Office. Do you think they are having trouble persuading someone to stand. It’s clear to everyone that this is a two horse race between Labour and the LibDems, so the Tories have a dilemna: if they pick a high profile candidate – when the inevitable happens, we’ll all be saying “even with candidate x they couldn’t pick up votes”. If they pick a candidate no-ones heard of it will seem like an admission (of what we already know) that they don’t have a hope. Meanwhile, I’ve been reading at Tory Troubles that things are so bad they’re considering re-inventing themselves as “New Democrats” – what on earth would Bill Clinton make of it!

I’m off to reply to the ad in Hartlepool Jobcentre “Tory Candidate wanted – experience not essential – boss wants to build more prisons and bring back the birch”. Do you think I’ll get an interview?

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