Always Look on the Bright Side

It started with a comment from my wife: “don’t you think that Gordon Brown looks like Terry Jones?”. Well I don’t usually need much encouragement – I was off! I think the Python Team should make a movie about the Labour party’s current troubles. Tentatively entitled “Life of Tony” it would star the late lamented Graham Chapman as Tony Bliar, “I don’t want to be your Prime Minister – leave me alone”. Tony would inadvertently screw up Gordon’s budget with some chance encounter with an interviewer called “Frosty” (I’d quite like Alan Partridge here) which would lead to a hysterical outburst from Gordon of “He’s not the Prime Minister – he’s a very naughty boy”. For Michael Palin, I’ve reserved the part of Peter Mandelson with a speach impediment, “Do you find it wrisible with I say the name Wobin Cook?”. John Cleese of course would be John Prescot and have the chance to utter the immortal line (wait for it) “don’t mention the war – I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it”.(Groan)

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