Vote in the US Election

A website has been set up where you can cast your vote in the US Presidential Election. I understand they will publish the outcome on the eve of their election to give people there a real flavour of world opinion. It only takes a minute so please go and vote

By the way, before any of my US readers rushes to tell me it’s none of our business – please remember how many countries across the world there are where the US has an opinion about who should be in charge!

Earth to America

United Kingdom, 29 October 2004

Dear America

We, like you, value democracy above all else. We respect your right to vote as you see fit for your leader. But since America is the world’s greatest nation, the leader of the US influences the whole world. We beseech you to take account of this when making your choice. President Clinton worked hard for peace around the globe. He was enourmously respected in Europe. When he spoke, we listened. George W Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement on climate change. In Europe, we are working hard to reduce pollution but all our hard work is being undone because America is no longer participating. The invasion of Iraq has made us feel less safe, not more. Upwards of 15,000 people have died as a direct result of the invasion. We in the greater world want to see a US President who will work for world peace. That means dialogue and discussion other nations. Military action is only creating a hotbed of resentment. Please vote for peace.

Stephen Guy

Please write your open letter to America by visiting

Bush Website Censorship – circumvented

Well, we always knew Bush was a bit of an isolationist. But new heights have been scaled in the effort to keep the rest of us out of US politics. Maybe it was the Guardian’s campaign of writing to US voters to tell them how it looks from over hear. Anyway, the Bush website is blocking UK traffic (try it). Help is at hand though – here are three alternative links that still work:

Freedom of Information

We should all be really pleased that promised Freedom of Information Act comes into force on January 1st. So should we be worried that the MoD are warning us that a whole bunch of files from the 1980’s have been contaminated by asbestos? Maybe it’s just me being cynical, but a whole lot of interesting stuff could be in those files – Death on the Rock, the sinking of the Belgrano (not to mention the subsequent resignation of Clive Ponting). Now I don’t want to sit in a room full of asbestos, but I have this dream that ‘Freedom of Information’ might, in the 21st century, consist of documents of historical interest being scanned and made available on the internet. Naturally those doing the scanning could wear appropriate protection against asbestos fibres, so where’s the problem? Unless of course….