Gruniad to support Lib Dems

News reaches me today that Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, has indicated that said newspaper may back the Libeal Democrats at the next election. This could be a good sign. The Sun defected to Labour just before the 1997 election, and Guardian readers can actually read!

One thought on “Gruniad to support Lib Dems”

  1. With the likes of Jackie Ashley, Polly Tonybee and David Aronavich all dead set against the LDs and supportive of Labour I doubt that. Mostly likely the Guardian will do what it did in “74â€? urge people to vote Labour but say that more Liberals would be a good idea… if you read the endorsement of the LDs in the Hartlepool by-election that sentiment seems to be reflected, they actually said in it they ‘would not want to see a LD government’ (pretty oddly worded endorsement imho). But even where the paper to endorse the LDs (which I doubt) its circulation is such that it wouldn’t have a very big effect outside of seats like Islington South, Cardiff Central, Bristol West and Newcastle central namely urban seats with large numbers of well educated middle class voters.

    By the way what did Rusbridger do or say?

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