God Bless America

The next four years will now be defined and dominated not only by what George W Bush does for the next four years, but also how the EU responds. The front page of today’s Daily Mirror asks how 59 million Americans could be so dumb? While this is a little unfair, it does lead us to the inevitable conclusion that 59 million Americans prefer isolationism to internationalism. The American people have spoken – that is their inalienable democratic right. But just as we do not have a voice in US politics, so the US does not have to have a voice in ours. The elections has highlighted just how different we are. The British have a proud history of tolerance and inclusivity. The fundamentalism that drives George Bush’s America would never garner serious public support here. Eurosceptics have often pointed to our ‘special’ relationship with the US, and concluded that we don’t really need Europe. I would argue that precisely the reverse is true. Are values are far more European than we imagine. Europe has an historic opportunity to occupy the foreign policy vacuum left by isolationist America. We should embrace the European Constitution, and the EU Presidency. We should seize our chance to set the world agenda on climate change. We should work to build bridges and open dialogue around the world – especially in the Middle East. And above all, we should be proud that we can lead the way. The US claims to be the leader of the free world, yet it still has the death penalty and allows its’ citizens to walk around with guns. It lacks free health care for all of its’ people and shows blatant disregard for human rights (Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib etc). A majority in this country still don’t like or trust the EU, but we would do well to remember that many of the most Eurosceptic media sources in the UK are owned by US media moguls. I remain proud to be European.

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  1. Huh? You say you are a proud European yet on Gidley’s site you assume you are a patriotic Briton, caring about the UK’s standing in the world. Sounds like the confused state of some LibDems in my part of the world.

  2. What a strange comment – why shouldn’t I be both proud to be a European and patriotic about being British? I am proud that I live in High Wycombe too. There’s nothing confusing at all about LibDems being both internationalist and federalist – it’s a basic tenet of what we believe in. The French and the Germans both refused to kowtow to George W Bush last year and most of their citizens were proud of that.

  3. News coming from Iraq is subject to military censorship.The people in the United States voted not knowing the full picture. In the years to come many will regret that they voted for Bush.

  4. As an American, I have to apologize for our clown of a president. The best thing you Europeans can do, especially those in the UK, is speak your minds. Mock this man silly, but remember something: 55 Million of us voted to give ’em the boot. We tried, and we’re now forced to try even harder, but rest assured we will.

    55 million of us will have our voices heard in Dubya Inc.’s America, and we appreciate Europe’s support. Most of us trace their ancestry back to the Old Continent. We are also grown-up enough to realize the urgent need for greater American-European cooperation in the face of the grave threats in the Middle East, Iran, North Korea, and elsewhere. Europeans are counting on America, but too many of my countrymen have adopted often-violently xenophobic attitudes toward them, especially the French. They whine like babies because the French and the Germans wouldn’t send their young men and women to die in a hellhole, but 55 million are fed-up with our young men and women being slaughtered in a strange land we never had any business invading.

    Our military is depleted, we’re running up record deficits, jobs are going overseas, and hate-filled right-wing ideologues have warped the minds of at least 40% of my fellow Americans. Worse, they have the ear of the White House, and our great country is being led to ruin. We are the on the road to becoming a right-wing theocracy; war was declared on the “liberals” on the November 2. It was an assault on the East Coast, and Hollywood, and our values. They say “we’re more Godly than you, na na,” simply because we don’t wear our religion on our sleeves. In the new Neo-Conservative world, anyone who isn’t lockstep with the extremist agenda is not a true American. Bush isn’t Hitler, but the Red States are gradually becoming more like Nazi Germany with each passing day. Gays are the new Jews, Muslims the spawn of Satan, and the “Liberals” are their repressors. Sadly, I do notice a trend toward anti-Semitism in Europe – another post for another time – but overall you are fair and tolerant people, unlike the American fascists.

    The wingnuts are shouting at the rest of us that we are “unpatriotic” for questioning anything their president does. It’s a sin to say “wrong war, wrong place, wrong time,” when it’s really proven to be true. To their ears, that’s insulting our troops. Our troops need our help, they are the ones burdened with cleaning up a mess that was not of their creation. The administration’s record in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is pitiful, but somehow they’re the only ones who “understand” the terrorist threat. They attempted to tear a fucking War Hero’s character to shreds, while accusing him of “denigrating the troops.” They, successfully, gay-baited, and bashed the “elites” and the intellectuals. They paid lip service to the extremist and dangerous “Jesus freaks,” while Cheney told a respected, veteran congressman to go fuck himself on the floor of the U.S. Senate. And much, more worse…

    Equally as sad is the fact the greatest support for the regime comes from the folks are who are getting the most screwed in this stagnant economy. Their jobs are shipped to India and China, the prices for every last fucking thing are steadily going up, but for whatever reason they cannot find any fault in Bush. A sickness has crept up on America, but I believe God is sending the fair-minded and reasonable folks a message: Wake Up, take back YOUR Democracy! And Americans ARE starting to get really angry, I’m feeling it. Sorry for the long rant, I just want it known that 55 Million are counting on all of the European Community’s support. From the home of the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  5. Well Steve,

    The U.S. was very “isolationist”, as you say, in ’41, but, through Roosevelt’s “lend/lease” program, kept you afloat (lost quite a few dumb Merchant Marine sailors in the process) until we came to pull Europe’s ass out of the fire. And the troops included those “dumb” Americans as well as the really smart ones. We still haven’t seen full payment on that tab from just about all of those we spilled blood for. An you know what? We’d damn well do it again. Shame on all of you!

  6. “Full payment on the tab” – is that how it works? The US was not slow to condemn us when it thought we were wrong – remember Suez? Believe me, if the US was invaded we in Europe would all stand shoulder to shoulder with the US and be unflinching in our support. And I didn’t say the word “dumb” – I quoted a newspaper headline and said that it was “a bit unfair”

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