Spend the money on something useful

Charles Clarke is trying to sell us the insidious ID card scheme again. Basically the message is along the lines of ‘it’s not that bad – it’s not compulsory and we’re not going to include too much data’. Mr Clarke, the detail is almost irrelevant. Once you have an ID card in place you can easily:

  • Increase the scope of data held
  • Make it compulsory
  • Increase the cost
  • Make the data available to other groups or agencies

All on the basis that ‘it’s in the national interest’. The only way to guarantee we don’t end up with an intrusive compulsory scheme is to not launch a thin-end-of-the-wedge voluntary one. If we do end up with an ID card scheme I make two predictions

  1. The first convincing forgeries will surface within months if not weeks
  2. It will become as good as compulsory because of all the things that you cannot do, get or access without one within two years

We don’t need it. We don’t want it. Spend the money on something useful

2 thoughts on “Spend the money on something useful”

  1. Amen and “Absolutely!” The argument is not complex, it’s not grey or subtle. Unusally for politics, this one really is black and white and you have articulated it beautifully. Well done.

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