The Long Walk to Justice

Here’s the deal: eight of the world’s most powerful men meet in Scotland for the G8 summit. One or two people plan to turn up at Gleneagles and exercise their right to peaceful demonstration. All right, a few hundred thousand. Possibly because a few hundred thousand of us feel sufficiently uncomfortable with living our cosy, comfy lifestyles knowing that 50,000 people will die today from poverty. Meanwhile, the EU is wedded to an agricultural policy which ensures western farmers get paid to produce food we don’t need, which we then dump outside the EU at knock-down prices which Third World producers cannot compete with. It’s not uncomfortable – it’s obscene.Meanwhile, a five mile long security fence is being erected around the G8 venue. It is being camouflaged on the inside just so that the G8 leaders don’t have to feel ‘shut in’. Or perhaps so they don’t have to be made to feel too uncomfortable as they ignore the demonstrations outside.

Bob Geldof has launched Live 8 – as if anybody hasn’t heard yet – not to raise money, but to raise awareness. Third World poverty is a blight on the west, because our leaders really do have the power to do something about it. They just don’t think it’s a vote winner.

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