too complex, technically unsafe, overly prescriptive

too complex, technically unsafe, overly prescriptive and lack a foundation of public trust and confidence

So says the London School of Economics in their Identity Project Report published today. Much has been made of the LSE’s disagreement with the government over the cost of the scheme – but the report’s unease goes far further than cost issues. It also raises concerns over the plain legality of the proposals – both under our own laws, as well as European Human Rights legislation.The government is determined to steamroller this bill through Parliament, despite the fact that there is no confidence in:

  • The viability of the technology
  • The security of the data which would be held
  • The ability of government departments to manage major IT rollouts without creating huge backlogs to the detriment of their customers (I’m thinking of the CSA here)
  • The ability of government departments not to make monumental cock-ups (like paying families too much tax credit – and then clawing it back at rates that leave families unable to manage their family budgets)

All this from a Blair administration that promised to ‘listen’ after the greatly reduced mandate at the last election.

Legislate in haste – repent at leisure.

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