Talk about ungrateful!

News reaches us that British beef is still not good enough for the Americans. It is now some years since there has been any suggestion that eating British beef is in any way risky. The only possible reason that the US could have for continuing to ban British beef is because it’s a convenient cover for protectionism. But we all know what a bully the current US administration can be when it comes to world trade.But in this case, the US is rejecting food aid that we gave them for the victims of Hurrican Katrina. It is an insulting snub to the allies that have stood by them through thick and thin in recent years. This comes on top of (temporarily) advising their armed forces that London was a dangerous place for them to go. A few less insults and a little more solidarity wouldn’t go amiss.

One thought on “Talk about ungrateful!”

  1. The fact that the USA is STILL banning British beef imports highlights two important things thta the political right-wing don’t like to acknowledge – firstly that the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ with the USA is a one-way street rather than a meeting of equals or, perhaps more appropriately, is similar to the ‘Special Relationship’ between Keith Harris and Orville – in that one has its arm up the other’s arse!

    The second point to make is the benefit of belonging to the EU – Eurosceptics made a great fuss when France refused to lift its ban on British beef – but in the fullness of time the ban was lifted through the application of European judicial process – the French ban was illegal under EU law, and in the end the French had to comply. There is no such mechanism for getting the USA to lift its ban, however – all that we have open to us is a pleading “oh, go on!”

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