No wonder there’s such apathy

There’s a by-election in Chiltern Rise. Now this may not mean a lot to many readers, but I’m fairly confident that this is only the second place on the internet that anyone’s mentioned it (the first being the Wycombe Lib Dems website). I knew there was a by-election because our Campaign Officer rings the District Council regularly and asks, because this is the only way to find out. I have been canvassing in Chiltern Rise and invariably no-one knows when the answer the door.In the spirit of open government, Wycombe Distric Council runs a website. The front page usually tells us what our local MP has been doing in the district. Tory Council, Tory MP. But still no announcement of the by-election. Conspiracy theorists wonder if this is a plot in the hope that we won’t notice and make it easier for them to elect another place-man.

James Oates, our PPC wrote recently about how our national press is fixated with the Tory leadership battle but ignores other more important happenings. Our local organ, the Bucks Free Press, has no news on the by-election. Last time I looked, their leader was about how their editor had dyed his hair a strange colour for charity.

I’d love to know whether by-elections are completely un-newsworthy in other areas?

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  1. Living in a council area where Labour only just hold an absolute majority the SNP would be sure to get stories in the press if ever a by election happened around here.

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