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We don’t need this legacy

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When I was at school, we were taken on a trip to Trawsfynydd. For the uninitiated, Trawsfynydd is a (now defunct) nuclear power station in Wales. We were given the spiel ... Read more..

Make Peter Mandelson do something useful

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Speaking of politicians with a delusion of adequacy, Peter Mandelson will be attending Hong Kong next month. We want Peter to know the importance we attach to progress on Fair ... Read more..

Cicero’s Songs: Education

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I cannot believe that this excellent new blog has passed me by for so long. When I first applied to Cowley Street for 'Approved PCC' status, I was concerned that ... Read more..

28 Days is Enough

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I have been critical on these pages of the timerity of Labour's back-benchers. Today, my faith has been somewhat restored. Anyone who cares about what it means to be British, ... Read more..

Mistakes are not always forgivable at the top

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment »

I sometimes wonder if there is a lack of talent willing to serve as ministers in the Blair cabinet. Why else would you re-employ a disgraced minister so quickly. We ... Read more..