Cicero’s Songs: Education

I cannot believe that this excellent new blog has passed me by for so long. When I first applied to Cowley Street for ‘Approved PCC’ status, I was concerned that my CV might not show a lifetime of preparation for political service (since that is what it is) – instead, I have spent twenty years doing the ordinary things that people do – earn a living, get married, have children, get divorced, get married again (the last two being optional but increasingly commonplace). I have come to realise that ‘ordinariness’ is a quality that some of our MPs would benefit from. Too many of our politicians seem to be out of touch with how the majority of us live our lives.However, I’m bound to say that if I was selecting an MP to serve in the office of ‘Chancellor of the Exchequor’, I would look for an MP whose credentials suggested a firm grasp of the complexities of our economy. Cicero suggests that some of our most senior politicans have ‘delusions of adequacy’!

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