We don’t need this legacy

When I was at school, we were taken on a trip to Trawsfynydd. For the uninitiated, Trawsfynydd is a (now defunct) nuclear power station in Wales.

We were given the spiel about how nuclear power was a miracle cure for our energy needs. Clean, cheap and safe.

The clean-up has now begun at Trawsfynydd. Robots are painstaking moving radioactive material to be encased in concrete. The decommisioning and clean-up of Trawsfynydd will cost more than £1 billion, and the site is unlikely to be completely returned to the way it was pre-nuclear in my lifetime.

Meanwhile in Chernobyl, childhood cancers and other illnesses are the legacy of what happens when something goes wrong.

Figures for the cost of nuclear power just don’t add up – not when you take into account the cost of the clean-up.

When Iran wants to build a nuclear power plant, the West choruses that it must be a front for a nuclear weapons programme. It is already clear that the UK is likely to replace Trident – does this help to justify more nuclear power too?

We must resist at every turn this governments determination to push us further down the nuclear road. The answer to sustainable energy can only be to make more investment in renewable energy sources.

Lets not leave more Trawsfynydds for our children

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