2005 in a nutshell

  • January
    Robert Kilroy-Silk quits UKIP because they won’t let him play with the big toys, err become leader

  • February
    Robert Kilroy-Silk decides if he starts his own party, they’ll have to let him be leader – so he starts ‘Veritas’

  • March
    My abiding memory is of Jamie Oliver sitting down with Charles Clarke to the disgusting processed junk that our kids eat (and seem to like)

  • April
    I missed April – it disappeared in a blur of delivering leaflets, door-knocking and the general insanity of a general election

  • May
    Reg Keys speech at the Sedgefield count, and the look on Blair’s face

  • June
    Life can never be the same – no more Richard Whitely!

  • July
    The best and worst that mankind can do in the space of a week. I hope that the man who tried to change the world with guitars will be remembered for far longer than the men who tried to change it by committing murder against innocent commuters
    Oh yes, and the perma-tanned one quits again (it’s my party and I’ll quit if want to – so there)

  • August
    I mourn the loss of two deeply principled and deeply honourable Labour politicians. They could do with a few more like Robin Cook and Mo Mowlam

  • September
    Lib Dem conference back Charles Kennedy wholeheartedly. Some in our party still haven’t got the message. Meanwhile Labour stamp on free speech, ejecting an octogenarian for shouting ‘rubbish’

  • October
    Once again, the Tories reject Ken Clarke. The other parties heave a collective sigh of relief

  • November
    A great month for democracy, as Blair is defeated on 90 days detention without trial

  • December
    Tories prove imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, electing a Blair clone as leader who starts talking about ‘New Conservatives’ and claiming to be liberal.

Meanwhile having swapped jobs, my new office in Hemel Hempstead falls victim to the Buncefield explosion – only the miracle of it taking place on a Sunday morning prevented a human tragedy. A full investigation into safety at UK oil facilities must be launched early in the new year

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