The Sun sinks to new low

I’ve never had a lot of time for The Sun. The tasteless ‘Gotcha’ headline during the Falklands Conflict burns long in the memory. The there was the inaccurate reporting of the Hillsborough tragedy. Why anyone would turn to the tawdry rag for political commentary is beyond me. But apparently they have a ‘Political Correspondent’ who goes by the name of Michael Lea. He has the singular honour of bringing us a most insightful piece that will really help the nation focus on the issues that face us today. Under the headline ‘Gay MP hangs around loos’ our attention is drawn to the fact that there is a plaque above some public loos attesting that they were opened in 1994 by one Simon Hughes MP. Biting, insightful political comment Michael – let me give you some advice:It is 2006. Anyone with more that two brain cells has by now accepted that not everyone is straight. Some people are gay, some are bisexual. Deal with it. Simon Hughes is not a ‘Limp-Dem’. MPs open public buildings – including public loos. All your article does is promote a view that anyone who is not straight is deviant, and not fit for public life. How many gay or bisexual people do you think work in your office, but are afraid to come out because of attitudes like yours? Is it any wonder that Simon tried to keep his private life private with people like you about? Perhaps you would like it if we poked around in your private life! Finally – if you want to call yourself a ‘Political Correspondent’, go and find out something about ‘politics’. Then write about that instead. Then maybe you could get a job with a proper newspaper, instead of a the disgusting, muck raking filthy little rag that you write for now.

End of rant.

4 thoughts on “The Sun sinks to new low”

  1. Well said. Although I would hope that very few self-respecting gay folk would want to work or hang around with people at the Scum. I even hear the editor beats them up when she finds out!

  2. I entirely agree with your assessment of Murdoch’s “Sun”.

    Personally, I wouldn’t even use it to wipe the oil off my dipstick. Cleaning up dog vomit, well, perhaps.

    Yes, “Sun” reporters are a bunch of alcoholic, womanising, mendacious, homophobic slobs. I certainly wouldn’t want to meet one on a night bus (and, if I had a daughter, I wouldn’t want her marrying one).

    But the problem we face from the media is much deeper than the obnoxious character of many bottom-end staff.

    There is a clear strategy here, and it emanates from what Webster Griffin Tarpley calls the “invisible government”.

    Murdoch and his backers regard the Liberal Democrats as a deadly threat to their ambitions of establishing a worldwide Orwellian plutocracy ruled from Washington.

    That is why they are attacking us, not because some of Murdoch’s journalists have it in for gays.

    And watch the broadsheets, too. They are just as dangerous as the tabloids, though much more subtle. All this invention about the Party being in “free-fall” we read in the “Guardian” and the “Independent”. From the same people who hyped David Cameron, of course.

    They see that Cameron isn’t proving the wunderkind they hoped, and that Gordon Brown might just turn out to be a dour, Calvinist curmudgeon lacking Blair’s oleaginous charm.

    A party led by Campbell, Hughes or Huhne is a really serious threat. Have us in a coalition government, and bang go ID cards, executive detention, satellite surveillance of motor vehicles, the microchipping of the population, war with Iran and North Korea, and selling the BBC to Murdoch.

    What terrifies the “invisible government” is not the demise of the Liberal Democrats, but the very real prospect of our resurgence under a good leader.

  3. I am not convinced that it susstantites anythings by referring to all Sun reporters as you do as indviudals it is not true.Some of all reproters are of all papers including LIB DEM papers.It does not enahnce the case that you genuinely make that Simon Hughes is one of the best MPs in HofC and sexuality is nto a test of leaders. Jermey Thorpe was excelelnt leader though deviated in personal issues.Lloyd George also as Churchill and others like Bob Boothby .I agree with teh assessment

  4. “Why anyone would turn to the tawdry rag for political commentary is beyond me.” – Stephen Guy

    Readers of the sun do not turn to the Sun because they want to read political commentary, but because they like to look at pictures – mainly those on page 3.

    Sun readers tend to know very little about politics (if anything at all) and are therefore much like Liberal Democrat voters who have no real idea (or don’t really care) for what they’re voting.

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