Policies not private lives

The news, yesterday that global warming is happening even faster than we thought is probably a much bigger news story than one would judge by the amount it was discussed. I believe that, as a party, we need to be taking a much bigger profile on environmental issues. Too often, it is too low down on our manifestos and leaflets. One of the reasons that I am supporting Chris Huhne is that I believe he has this issue sufficiently high on his agenda. I fear that too many politicians don’t see the environment as a vote winner. But to ignore it is like fiddling while Rome burns.

3 thoughts on “Policies not private lives”

  1. Clearly environment is high up Chris Huhne’s agenda. First he sent me a letter, and enclosure, and another enclosure, in my capacity as a Councillor. Then he sent me another mailing letter, with different content, in another envelope, also with an enclosure – and in the same post was yet another letter from him (same content as before), with another enclosure and, YES, yet another enclosure. Three mailings in less than three days – all with must the same message on the environment. What a waste of time, energy and finite resources. And the consequence – I’m backing SIMON HUGHES not Chris Huhne to tell the truth about green issues!

  2. Never as simple as it seems, Chris Huhne has guaranteed to offset the carbon impact of his campaign, whereas the lack of any communication from Simon Hughes is something I find disappointing. Truth is that we have a rather silly rule that means candidates cannot get hold of a list of members. This means that each campaign team has to use any means it can to get lists of members from – and inevitably there is duplication between those lists. It’s the rule that sucks, not the campaigns!

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