A message to the Darbyshires

(Apologies for posting it here, but since the Darbyshires saw fit to disable comments on their own blog, it apparently doesn’t stop them commenting on other peoples)Dear Darbyshires

I’m not sure why you felt the need to unload a whole heap of your bile on me. I think I was one of your more restrained critics. I also think you’ll find some of your harshest critics were not Lib Dems at all. My disquiet at your blog arose more from the comments you were arousing on Tory and New Labour sites – and my fear that you were bringing our party into disrepute at what was already a difficult time for us.

Since you have chosen to use my comment facility, I will not censor you (as you have done to many of us) rather, I will respond to your comments.

Actually Steve, we ARE real, but after the way we were treated on Lib Dem blogs, the sheer bitchiness of other Lib Dem members in spoofing and criticising our blog (a personal journal for family and friends) we decided to leave the Party as we figure it doesn’t deserve us or our efforts at all.

A blog is a personal journal accessible to the world. Some people will like what you’ve written and some will not. Expect some criticism. No criticism means no-one is reading. If you want to write only for family and friends – try email.

Chris Rennard is very keen to apologise to us for what we’ve experienced (and has already done so in part) but we can’t be bothered. It’s too late. You’re all nasty. I’ve thought it for a long time but since the spoof blog happened everyone else said it too, we are just way too good and way too nice for politics.

I can’t pretend to speak for Chris Rennard, however he is a wily and experienced campaigner. I’m sure he would advise you to develop a thicker skin if you want to be in politics. We are not all nasty, please don’t make generalisations. And if you were ‘way to good and way too nice’ you wouldn’t say things like:

The rest of you are scums and lowlifes and definitely not pretty!

Childish and narcissistic? What a joke! I can only assume you are jealous of the fact that we are/were NORMAL Lib Dems with happy, healthy lives and (unlike most other Lib Dems) blessed with good looks. Seriously, from the Lib Dem conferences I’ve attended we are definitely the ONLY ones.

You really must look up narcissism in a dictionary. To deny narcissism in the same paragraph in which you claim to be the only good looking attendees at conference suggests you don’t understand what the meaning of the word is.

Our friends and families wanted us to make this Party different, to finally prove that Lib Dems could actually be good looking as well as highly intelligent but we can’t be bothered wasting our time helping the pathetic group of individuals that forms the Party anymore.

Politics has very little to do with looks. The Lib Dems are a pretty normal cross-section of people, some of whom are more physically attractive than others. It’s irrelevant really.

We’re now more than happy to carry on blogging to our many family and friends and leave you geeks to carry on blogging to your sad, geeky little group of friends while we continue to attract positive media attention for having been in politics and being normal, happy, healthy and successful. We sure were the only ones from what I saw at Conferences.

I thought the New Statesman piece about you was quite positive actually. I’m amazed you complained about it – it really gets much worse if you choose to have a public life.

Incidentally there’s been a police investigation into the spoof blog so they have at last got their just desserts having now been labelled criminals.

Writing a spoof blog about someone is not a criminal offence. The spoof blog simply mimicked your writing style using ficticious characters. What offence did you complain of?

As for Simon Hughes. I thought this was actually a free country and one was free to comment on how another has treated them badly.

And so it is. I only suggested that you should withdraw one potentially libellous remark that you made about Simon – and thankfully you did.

Robin and Leah, the Lib Dems are a diverse group of people united by a common set of core values. Many of us have happy, normal relationships and I wish you well in yours. Blogging is not for everyone, and neither is politics. Both open you up to criticism from strangers. If you can’t stand the heat – you shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

Respectfully yours

Steve Guy

8 thoughts on “A message to the Darbyshires”

  1. Well said Steve; if they want to keep in touch with friends and family, then use email or set up a livejournal.

    Getting yourself linked to and aggregated on a political newsfeed then complaining that people take the piss is just..

    Actually, I can’t think of a reasonably polite way to finish that sentence, so I wont. And the current spate of posts with pictures “proving” she’s better is just pathetic. Who cares what someone looks like when you’re reading their thoughts? What matters is how they write.

  2. Very sound and very sensible advice, both Steve and Matt.

    Now if only I could stop myself logging in to Bloglines to see what they’ve done next.

  3. Well said. I have missed all this. What a ruckus! I am amazed that anyone who was in the LibDems even mentioned “looks”. They are in the eye of the beholder and I doubt that either Ms or Mr Darbyshire would win a beauty contest. Ms Darbyshire failed to get David Rendel re-elected as an agent at Newbury and Mr Darbyshire’s agental future looks to be literally “up sh**’s creek” at Winchester. Perhaps these two events may have played some role in their decision to leave the party. I really can’t see a problem with a spoof. I thought the English prided themselves on their sense of humour. I see that you can still read hilarious glimpses of the spoof on Google blog search.

  4. The woman needs help, this is not the behaviour of a sane individual. How can she claim to be so popular amongst friends and family when it appears none of them are stopping her daily outbursts… so even they must be having a chuckle at Mrs Darbyshires expense….along with the rest of the country! Work sending her to Singapore? Hmmm, I wonder why they would want to ship her so far out of the country? Seriously Leah…. keep going, I have never laughed so much in my life!

  5. “to finally prove that Lib Dems could actually be good looking as well as highly intelligent” A kind of Lib Dem lebensborn project. And we could all be called Eugene, which would make taking the minutes at branch meetings easier.

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