Two Shags Hypocrisy

They are up to their necks in sleaze. The best slogan he could think up for their conference next week is Life’s better under the Tories. Sounds to me like one of Steven Norris’s chat up lines. Can you believe that this lot is in charge? Not for long, eh? Then after 17 years of this Tory government, they have the audacity to talk about morality. Did you hear John Major on the Today programme? – calling for ethics to come back into the political debate? I’m told some Tory MPs think ethics is a county near Middlesex. It’s a bit hard to take: John Major – ethics man. The Tories have redefined unemployment they have redefined poverty. Now they want to redefine morality. For too many Tories, morality means not getting caught.Morality is measured in more than just money. It’s about right and wrong. We are a party of principle. We will earn the trust of the British people. We’ve had enough lies. Enough sleaze.

John Prescott, 1996

Hat tip: Iain Dale

Sky News: Sky Poll Shows Backing For BNP Policies

Sky News: Sky Poll Shows Backing For BNP Policies

For those without Sky, this was a worrying YouGov survey where over half of respondents agreed with BNP policies on immigration, and even when told that they were BNP policies, only a few less still supported them.

I have tended in the past to dismiss the BNP as irrelevant extremist nutters. I still think they are extremist nutters, but I’m becoming very uncomfortable with the number of people who think we can turn back the clock on our multi-ethnic society (even if we wanted to).

Protest votes are dangerous. Thanks to protest voting, we are lumbered with a dozen useless, half-baked UKIP MEPs. If people think voting BNP as a protest vote is a good idea, they would be well advised to seriously contemplate finding that the balance of power on their local council is now held by a group of fascists who pretended that their nasty, racist ideas had something to do with patriotism and freedom.

Champagne Socialists

Well, I never really believed Blair was a Socialist anyway, but I thought perhaps Beckett might be? Then why oh why does the taxpayer foot the bill for £1.2 million worth of Blair’s flights using the Royal Flight from RAF Northolt? Important summits – perhaps – but holidays in Italy? Commuting to his Sedgefield constituency?

Aside from the hideous expense of using the Royal Flight on routes where there are perfectly good scheduled flights, what about the environmental impact involved? Remember, the scheduled flights would take off anyway – the Royal Flights are all extra flights which could have been avoided. Next time Tony wants to get to Sedgefield, for example, he could try BMI’s scheduled flight from Heathrow – or even the train!

Environmental hypocrisy scales new heights if we turn to Margaret Beckett (laughably our Environment Secretary) who has taken no less than 110 Royal Flights in just three years.

And apparently, Blair even uses the Royal Flight to get to Labour Party conferences. Mind-boggling hypocrisy at our expense.

Blair now standing alone

They won’t be celebrating Romano Prodi’s election victory in Downing Street. The relationship between the Blairs and the Berlusconis was mystifying to many Labour MPs. Some thought the Blairs were irresistibly attracted to the wealth and style of Silvio Berlusconi, and some pointed cynically at the deluxe ‘holiday home’ the Blairs enjoyed in Sardinia.

But the reason is more fundamental and easy to see: Berlusconi was Blair’s last ally in Europe. Since the change at the top in Spain in 2004, Berlusconi was the only remaining supporter of the Bush crusade in mainland Europe.

Blair now stands isolated. He is out of step with the tide in Europe. The sooner he goes, the better.


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Ok Ok, I’ll do the Wikimeme – but who’s going to be first to enter the Blair Pool?

6 March
3 Events

  • 1957 – Israel withdraws its troops from the Sinai Peninsula
  • 1984 – Twelve-month-long strike in British coal industry begins
  • 1987 – The British ferry M/S Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes in about 90 seconds after leaving the harbour of Zeebrugge, Belgium en route to Dover, England across the English Channel, killing 193

2 Births

  • 1934 – John Noakes, British television presenter
  • 1946 – David Gilmour, British musician (Pink Floyd)

1 Death

  • 2005 – Tommy Vance, British radio disc jockey (b. 1943)

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