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Ok Ok, I’ll do the Wikimeme – but who’s going to be first to enter the Blair Pool?

6 March
3 Events

  • 1957 – Israel withdraws its troops from the Sinai Peninsula
  • 1984 – Twelve-month-long strike in British coal industry begins
  • 1987 – The British ferry M/S Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes in about 90 seconds after leaving the harbour of Zeebrugge, Belgium en route to Dover, England across the English Channel, killing 193

2 Births

  • 1934 – John Noakes, British television presenter
  • 1946 – David Gilmour, British musician (Pink Floyd)

1 Death

  • 2005 – Tommy Vance, British radio disc jockey (b. 1943)

Now, about my challenge…

One thought on “Wikimeme”

  1. The only thing that’s more amazing to me as a an American about the contempt people like you have for Bush/Blair is how much people like you will be crying when your choices for power take over and can’t handle the situation. Then, you’ll be begging for Blair to come back.

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