Champagne Socialists

Well, I never really believed Blair was a Socialist anyway, but I thought perhaps Beckett might be? Then why oh why does the taxpayer foot the bill for £1.2 million worth of Blair’s flights using the Royal Flight from RAF Northolt? Important summits – perhaps – but holidays in Italy? Commuting to his Sedgefield constituency?

Aside from the hideous expense of using the Royal Flight on routes where there are perfectly good scheduled flights, what about the environmental impact involved? Remember, the scheduled flights would take off anyway – the Royal Flights are all extra flights which could have been avoided. Next time Tony wants to get to Sedgefield, for example, he could try BMI’s scheduled flight from Heathrow – or even the train!

Environmental hypocrisy scales new heights if we turn to Margaret Beckett (laughably our Environment Secretary) who has taken no less than 110 Royal Flights in just three years.

And apparently, Blair even uses the Royal Flight to get to Labour Party conferences. Mind-boggling hypocrisy at our expense.

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