Sky News: Sky Poll Shows Backing For BNP Policies

Sky News: Sky Poll Shows Backing For BNP Policies

For those without Sky, this was a worrying YouGov survey where over half of respondents agreed with BNP policies on immigration, and even when told that they were BNP policies, only a few less still supported them.

I have tended in the past to dismiss the BNP as irrelevant extremist nutters. I still think they are extremist nutters, but I’m becoming very uncomfortable with the number of people who think we can turn back the clock on our multi-ethnic society (even if we wanted to).

Protest votes are dangerous. Thanks to protest voting, we are lumbered with a dozen useless, half-baked UKIP MEPs. If people think voting BNP as a protest vote is a good idea, they would be well advised to seriously contemplate finding that the balance of power on their local council is now held by a group of fascists who pretended that their nasty, racist ideas had something to do with patriotism and freedom.

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  1. Sir: Regretfully you have missed the point/There has never been a democratic process to decide what we should do with so many immigrants many of whom cannot intergrate into what is a White English society/Martin Luther KIng was one of my heroes but that does mean I wish to live in a black ghetto/immigracion is out of control and the English especially, are being overrun by so many people who have nothing in common with us/we are all different and not all races mix together and this is natural observation not racism!!! finally there is nothing wrong with being proud of ones country and trying to defend it against a real threat from the east: Immigration has gone far to far thats all. and many ex Labour Conservatives and Libs are all joining yes youv’e guessed it–The BNP to make a protest:

  2. how can you say the bnp is racist? you havent a clue what you are talking about, there is nothing wrong with trying to get all the immigrants out of england, just look how much money would be left for hospitals and so on, but instead you just moan about people voting for the bnp, well i do vote for them and will continue to do so because they are they only party that can see what is happening to our country

  3. I am somewhat ashamed to say that i do agree with some bnp policies. I can honestly say that this country has been flooded with immigants that have no intention of intigrating with our society. As a working class man who lives on a council estate, i have seen the reality of multi cultural britain on a street level as opposed to a middle class view that does not live amonst these immigrants. These people have a savage and primitive culture towards women , children and british people in general ( they are not exactly pillars of society).
    Africans are rude and aggressive, eastern europeons are savage criminals( how come they can move into a council flat and then have a 40,000 pound car outside there house???? when council properties are for people on benefits!!!!!! Middle classes will never see this as they live away from them but the white working classes see what is real every day/.

  4. I live in bermondsey (the last white area of london) and its a good community that has few muggings and street crime. I look at peckham and see voilent crime out of control mainly because of voilent immigrants that make people live in fear. If ( and no doubt) we get influxed with immigrants then im off to live in bournmouth where the people are friendly and people have a better way of life (white flight they call it). This country has been hijacked by the dregs of the earth., do you think these immigrants would get in australia? no way. They offer nothing but just take maximum in return and hold no alligiance to our country. Labour? they have ruined this country. Ken livingstone makes a big fuss about multi cultural london but forgot about the white working classes who made this country what is was! We are sleep walking into a civil war

  5. Sir, I’ve read most of the views here and agree with the majority. I live amongst immigrants, not by choice but through the multicultralism forced upon us. Most are a differnet culture to us and I don’t want to intergrate at all.The recent events have woken this country up at last. We now have terrorists amongst us, so called British born. We here recently that the ‘Muslum youth want the government to talk to them’ talk about what exactly? What about the white diseffected youth of this country? Are they going to talk to them as well? Muslums have an agenda for this country, hoping eventually to take over and impose their way of doing things, but we the white populace may have something to say about that. The BNP are speaking out about all problems that we face and people are listening, mostly the one’s my age, middle 60’s have said they will vote for them, I know at least quite a few, and lets face it the over sixties are the only one’s that vote with maximum effect in most areas. I am undecided, but the BNP have recently began to speak more effectively, more sensible, and have left off the old image of years ago and by doing so have gained more listeners. The MP’s of today would do well to listen, or they will perish and deservedly so.

  6. I would way rather have the BNP running my local council than the corrupt people we have now. Rather then calling the BNP racist why don’t you actually look at their policies?

  7. If being ‘racist’ is ensuring the survival of your culture and kinfolk, then I am unashamedly so. This is not hatred of other races but a care of your own.

  8. Hi I have read all the comments above with interest. I come from pre-Roman Briton and I am extremely angry at all the BNP supporters who CLAIM British heritage. We Celts have been over run by these pasty faced morons for too long. We didn’t invite them. They invaded. We want all of them repatriated as soon as possible please.

  9. If you were to show a picture of britain today to
    anybody fifty years ago and asked them is this what you want?you know what the anser would be not
    then and not now the british peaple have not been
    reprosented only the economist that wants cheap
    labour for it mony makeing machine.
    we have had it with lies.
    that is why I now A 19year long labour voter now
    votes BNP

  10. I agree that immigration is a problem in the UK. i think the main problem is the fact that many people are uneducated. When i first lived in peckham, i thought the same things you do but i have met many respectful and civilised non white people.The main reason i don’t like the BNP is because they believe that all non-white people should be deported. i belive immigrants who are not doing anything (eg studying)or who aren’t contributing (or will evntually not) to our society should be deported…but not all of them…that is going way to far! Britain has a fantastic history and i understand why people might be all for the the Bnp. But the fact is the BNP aren’t all that friendly too
    those who aren’t british or who are gay.
    think of the the consequences……all the non white tourists (there are loads) won’t feel welcome. Many artists will label the area racists leaving us with a stupid stereotypes.
    We will difinstely lose business with other countries and won’t be really welcome when we visit.

    I understand the complete and utter hatred Nick Griffin (BNP leader) feels against the middle east and the islam religion. I am not fond of it as well but some comments he made about the religion and the people were completly unessasary. i mean you can’t go around labelling muslim (don’t think i spelt that right) men as rapists towards white women, that’s just really pathetic. I mean that is just taking the easy way out isn’t? Immigration is one of the touchiest subjects but taking the most easy option ( kicking all of them out) is not the best way…is it? What we need to do is set up a system . So we could interview those who wish to come to the Uk, ask them what they want to do and such then someone could decide on the basis of their in- terview whether or not they may enter the Uk and the terms and conditions that apply with it (they can’t have any children, they must study this).
    i do believe in multiculturalism but i don’t believe in multi-religion (is that a word)The UK has mainly been of a christian religion. you may practise your religion at home but not at school. i think veils should be banned! i don’t believe children should learn about any religion other than there own until they firmly believe in there christian background no other faith should be taught to them until a suitable age. i don’t believe that muslim children or even adults should wear veils to school or work. i even personally dont believe that there should be any mosques or such in the UK. If a christian person went to live in a muslim country they would not be aloud to practice their faith at all so if they come to the uk they shouldnt be aloud to either!

    And all this crap about immigrants taking over the country……what the hell did the british and dutch do to south africa? so its a kind of pay back….innit?

    danny…what has bermonsey being the last ‘white area’ on london got to do with anything?

    david conner…’Africans are rude and aggressive’ ‘eastern europeons are savage criminals’ ‘These people have a savage and primitive culture towards women , children and british people in general’…

    racist [ ráyssist ]



    1. based on racism: based on prejudices and stereotypes related to race

    2. prejudiced against other races: prejudiced against all people who belong to other races
    …..that about sums it up.


  11. Ok
    I have worked for the NHS for over 10 years and have witnessed great change and not in a particulary good way. Some of these changes are evident in the form of agressive behaviour from asian males mainly towards white/black british female nurses. They constantly spit on the floor (we are trying to eliminate the spread of germs on hospital wards!) they constantly use their mobile phones speaking in their native language shouting and disturbing sometimes very ill patients. The men complain about mixed wards (for their wives) and when their requirements can not be accommodated (and yes we are told to try and put them into private side rooms!) they are abusive. Asian muslims visit the wards whenever they want, and yes you have got it, when they do not get their own way they become offensive and agressive. The patients you are trying to help more often than not say they can not speak english, so you have to book an interpreter, this is very expensive and now has it’s own seperate department. Before now it has been a relative of the patient who interprets and then claims “expenses” from the NHS.

    The doctors and nursers are the ones accused of being racists, well maybe over the past few years I have been driven to it. You constantly hear issues in the news “We can no longer call the traditional fairy story the Three little Pigs anymore just in case it offends Muslims”. “One in seven pupils in Britain can not speak English” and it will cost the tax payers another £50 million.

    We have also heard about recent court battles involving muslim women and their rights to wear veils when teaching, if we visited a muslim country would we be allowed not to wear head scarfs?

    At Christmas we have been asked to turn off Christmas music because it is offensive to the minorites, and forget the Christmas tree!!!World cup, and the England flag, not anymore! Can I wear my crucifix for work? No! Again it is offensive!!!

    Just to add insult to injury, I dropped off my children at school recently and a teenage asian boy was wearing a T’shirt which read on the front “THE QUEEN MAY BE YOURS” and when he turned around on the back it read “BUT THE COUNTRY IS OURS”, I am sterting to agree.

    I now ask myself about the future, yes for myself BUT what of my children? and what about my beloved country, the country which ironically has turned me into a racist?

    I consider myself middle class, but due to all of the above, I will be voting BNP from now on.

  12. Mr ‘The sandals are off’ go and live in the middle of moss side in manchester or Bradford for a year and then maybe i will listen to you.

  13. Well, I have lived in Sandwell – which already has BNP councillors, and there is a large Pakistani community here in High Wycombe. None of this has made me sympathetic to the racists!

  14. Comment 13 above is a classic.He is blasting people for their spelling mistakes and he makes a spelling mistake himself.I bet you do not feel so smug now do you Einstein?

    Vote BNP and let us restore this once peaceful land back to some form of dignity.

  15. Commonsense must now tell the British people that things really have to change. GO TO THE BNP WEBSITE and decide for yourselves. Anyone that claims the BNP are nothing more than racists have obviously NOT read the policies of the BNP.
    The BNP REALLY are our last hope. I hope commonsense prevails because we are all in for a really rough ride otherwise. Why do you think so many Brits are fleeing our once beautiful country ?

  16. I would like to agree with the initial posting – I too am somewhat concerned about the BNP’s apparent rising status.

    Many of the comments left on this page, showing support for the BNP, reveal some quite prejudiced and ignorant points of view. To give a couple of examples….

    One person questioned whether women should be allowed to wear the headscarf here, suggesting that the opposite would not be true in a Muslim country. That’s utter nonsense. I’ve visited a number of Muslim countries, and in each of them the scarf was not compulsory either for Muslims or non-Muslims. The same person also commented on the banning of Christmas trees, music, crucifixes etc. I agree with her that this is unnacceptable and know that all of the Muslim friends who I have discussed this with feel the same way. Quite often the people who start these politically correct agendas do it on behalf of the group they are trying to ‘protect’. The group itself (in this case, Muslims) often has no issue at all!

    Another person wrote that children should not learn about any religion other than their own before they were secure in their faith…. Well that can take decades, assuming that the child is ever going to find religion at all. I think a fear of learning about other cultures in case of being ‘corrupted’ by them would just breed more ignorance and intolerance. As to that person’s further suggestion that veils should be banned …. the fact that I can be who I am is part of the reason that I am proud to be British. I don’t have to worry here about practising my religion, wearing what I want, being who I am… because we don’t force people to conform. Forcing people to conform to a white, British, secular stereotype is just another form of oppression. Banning an item of dress is just the same as enforcing it. Muslim women don’t go around forcing non-Muslims (or even other Muslims) to wear the headscarf – why on Earth should anyone have the right to force us NOT to wear it?!

    Voting BNP, in my mind, would reduce everything that I love about being British and would certainly leaving me feeling more ashamed than proud of where I’m from.

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