Enter the Blair Pool

Earn the respect of your peers by correctly predicting when Blair will go! Simply add your prediction to the comment thread of this post. The closest prediction will be the Blair Pool Guru!

1. You should choose a full date – ie Day/Month/Year
2. You are predicting the day when Blair ceases to be Prime Minister – not the day he makes the announcement (if he should announce in advance)
3. For a bonus point, name his successor too!

FWIW – My Prediction:
Date – 15 September 2008
Successor – Milliband

Support Free Speech

Undeterred by threats from the NOTW, Guido has turned this into a free speech crusade complete with a PledgeBank pledge. Since freedom has always been our cause – wouldn’t it be nice to see one or two Lib Dems supporting this?
What will the Murdoch press due – sue 100 bloggers (or more). For a press company that bleats about freedom to publish some of it’s grubbier stories, trying to silence a few bloggers seems like breathtaking hypocrisy.

Fake Sheikhs and Free Speech

I’m not a fan of Gorgeous George Galloway, but it has to be said that I’m on his side with this. He is now being gagged by the News of the World because he has rumbled an attempt by the notorious Fake Sheikh, Mazmer Mahmood, to entrap him. The News of the World apparently feel that free speech doesn’t extend beyond their own walls – and have even tried (unsuccessfully) to silence Guido and Bloggerheads, who have obtained photos of the Fake Sheikh.

I sincerely hope the Murdoch press fail in this outrageous display of bad sportsmanship, and that the photos become as widely circulated as possible!

And a seriously big hat-tip to Guido and Bloggerheads for taking a stand for free speech!