Roger Knapman should quit

UKIP were the only British group in the European Parliament to vote against the enlargement to the EU to include Eastern European states. UKIP’s argument for this was that ‘a flood of migrants’ would come here seeking work which would be bad for our economy.

Knapman boasts about how he likes to buy British. So who do you think he has hired to carry out building work on his Devonshire mansion? It turns out that like that other arch-fruitcake, Kilroy, Knapman will take advantage of the benefits of being in the EU as and when it suits him.

Roger Knapman is employing Polish builders (able to work for him because of the enlarged EU) to carry out his work at half the cost of employing British builders.

If I was a raving Eurosceptic, and a member of UKIP (don’t worry, I’m neither) I would feel that Knapman’s position was untenable.

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