The beginning of the end

When Tony Blair came to Downing Street, it was on an almost euphoric wave of public goodwill. Blair promised to clean up politics, and oh how we wanted him to succeed. How ironic that the issue that will probably ensure Blair goes sooner rather than later is that of sleaze. The arrest of Lord Levy (or Lord Cashpoint as he is known in New Labour circles) could hardly be more embarrassing to Blair. They are so close that they even play tennis together. Whilst it is fair to point out that Levy hasn’t been charged with anything yet, it is now hard to see how the police investigation can avoid the questions that must be directed to Blair himself. One US President famously had a sign on his desk which read ‘The buck stops here!’. In the process of awarding peerages, the buck stops with the Prime Minister. But if the police are going to question Blair, they will need to put their best inquisitors on the case. After all, even Jeremy Paxman struggles to get a straight answer from him!

2 thoughts on “The beginning of the end”

  1. I just read the old Lord Cashpoint story from above… Lots more problems since then, Blair questioned, ruth turner email, “courtney affair” no one really knows what went on with Lord Levy Blair and Courtney Coventry regarding a “donation”, or for that matter with the rich businessman who gave labour a “loan” then said peerages were discussed at the same time but not related to the amount of money he was giving… sure we believe you I have a feeling things are not going to get any better for Blair and Co

  2. Blair charged ! I don’t think so ! He will get off ! This lot will get away with anything!
    Let us all hope that Countess Courtney Coventry and the others will tell the Police,the Newspapers and us all,just how shocking this Government is. I think for a young American girl to do this and expose this lot of shocking people is a brave and very decent action. We should all support Countess Courtney and all those people that are now coming forward.

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