Anyone who fancies gatecrashing the Labour Conference

… might have their work cut out. Even their councillors have trouble getting passes. Perhaps Bob Piper would have been better off not ticking the box that reads ‘are you or have you ever been a socialist?’. The control freaks at NuLab wouldn’t give Iain Dale a pass either. What is plain is that they are paranoid about stage-managing the conference to paper over the yawning chasms that exist between the Blair Acolytes that currently run our country and long-suffering rank and file of the Labour Party. They have been all but excluded from policy-making and decision-making and relegated to being called upon to delivering leaflets at election time. Maybe next spring we should throw open our doors to Labour Party members at our conference.

They might enjoy seeing democracy in action.

3 thoughts on “Anyone who fancies gatecrashing the Labour Conference”

  1. We certainly wouldn’t feel claustrophobic. I saw your local government debate and despite the fact that Cllr Richard Kemp said it was one of the most important debates of the week because it involved about the only thing lib dems can influence, it was ‘spot the delegate’ time. The hall was 90% empty. I hope those making policy on the beach or in Brighton’s fish and chip shops were proud of their input.

    Is that shambles what you call… democracy in action? There was precious little democracy and no sign of any action at all.

  2. They tell me it is down to bureaucratic inefficiency (not sure whether they mean by themselves or the police) as opposed to security and I should be OK.

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