Not the worst logo ever…

…since that accolade can only possibly belong to the Brazilian ‘Instituto de Estudos Orientais’:


(Clue: It’s supposed to be a pagoda and a setting sun!)

But the outpouring of objection to the new Olympic 2012 logo is so great that something is seriously wrong with it. The organisers are closing ranks, claiming that the new logo is going to ‘grow on us’ and ‘evolve’. Privately, they must be bitterly disappointed with the public reaction.

They have to face up to the fact that they got it wrong. A logo that is hated so much that an online petition against it garnered nearly 50,000 signatures in a couple of days (it has now been closed) and which 85% of responders to a BBC online survey rated as ‘wooden spoon’ is clearly failing to deliver.

A logo, by definition must be liked by the majority of people who see it. A logo is an instantly recognisable symbol which we must feel proud of. A logo is one of those things in life where first impressions matter. Our first impression of this logo was almost unanimous disgust.

The organisers of the ‘People’s Games’ must respect the fact that the people hate the logo. If it is the people’s games – listen to the people! A number of people have designed their own logo for the games – and some of them are excellent. Let us vote on the best logo in a competition – and consign this ill-conceived child’s jigsaw to the dustbin.

2 thoughts on “Not the worst logo ever…”

  1. Ouch! That looks like something you might indulge in on the streets of Bangkok, but I’m not sure it is worthy of study.

    I don’t think that a logo has to be universally liked, but it does have to mean something. I’ve also noticed that the organisers are not ALL closing ranks – look at Ken Livingstone washing his hands of the whole affair.

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