A Natural Home

Iain Dale was, I think, first with the news that five Labour Councillors have defected to the Tories in Ealing. He goes on to quote their joint statement thus:

‘we believe the Conservatives have become our natural home’

I have a mental picture of some of the dyed in the wool Telegraph reading blue rinse and bow tie brigade choking on their cornflakes at the idea that five Labour councillors now find that they feel at home in Cameron’s Conservatives!

One thought on “A Natural Home”

  1. Except the Tories and Labour have never been that different in many areas and have sometimes looked near identical (apart from periods like the 80s)
    Both have very strong socially conservative strands, both believe in regulation, albeit sometimes in slightly different areas (to the same effect though).
    Strong, big government is the ideal of both parties.

    Tribalism is what divides them most…

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