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It is amazing, but to read blogs in Toryland or New Labour Land you would certainly gain the impression that Lib Dems were somehow behind all the dirty tricks that go on in by elections. Meanwhile Tories and NuLabbers are paragons of virtue. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name of Shapps – Grant Shapps.

Earlier in the campaign, he demanded to know if it was true that Lib Dems were offering cash incentives to people to display Lib Dem posters. Now anyone who has campaigned with the Lib Dems for more than an hour will know that we just wouldn’t have the money to do something like that! Every penny in Ealing Southall goes on printed material and there are plenty of volunteers to deliver it. Even target letters are delivered by hand. £50 for a poster or £250 for a stakeboard pays for an awful lot of newspaper, leaflets or target letters. Grant Shapps clearly thought that making the accusation would cause enough mud to stick that some would believe it – after all, no evidence was ever produced.

Now, it appears Mr Shapps came up with another ruse to damage the Lib Dem campaign. Maybe it would be fun to pose as a Lib Dem, conceding that he thought that the Tory campaign would outperform the Lib Dem’s (sort of ‘reverse ramping’). Only trouble is that he slipped up, and accidentally posted his comment on YouTube whilst logged in as himself!


Tim Ireland does an excellent job of unravelling this on his ‘Bloggerheads‘ site and goes so far as to predict some excuses that Grant Shapps might come up with. Shapps excuse, which was among Tim’s predictions, is that ‘someone else was using his YouTube account’. He goes on to claim that his YouTube password was ‘1234’, which was very easy to guess.

It’s an excuse that is not washing with many people – as Catherine Tate’s ‘Nan’ character would have it: ‘what a load of old shit!’

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