Hand wringing doesn’t change my view

There’s been a lot of ‘outraged of Libdemland’ blog posts about the ‘calamity’ document. Some have really gone off at the deep end suggesting that some cardinal and unforgivable sin has been committed. Now let’s be quite clear on a couple of things. First off – the title of the document is unacceptable – and I think Chris’s shock on being confronted with it was genuine. That said, who has not taken part in an election campaign during which some over-zealous supporter has overstepped the mark and had to be reigned in? It is unfortunate, but let not the sense of outrage act as a smokescreen to prevent us debating the content!

The Huhne campaign has sought permission to issue the document (minus it’s offensive title), with very good reason. The document is actually already in the public domain (thanks to Guido), and contains a collection of quotes which seem to suggest some inconsistencies which it is fair to ask Nick Clegg to address.

So no, I don’t think Chris Huhne has behaved disgracefully at all. I think he is right to bring these questions out and expect Nick to answer them. And if Nick can find similar inconsistencies in Huhne’s quotes and speeches, he would be equally within his rights to bring them out for discussion too!

And nothing I have seen has changed my view that Huhne gets my vote for leader. We are not the ‘nasty party’ – but neither should we be the ‘too nice to be challenging party’ either!

One thought on “Hand wringing doesn’t change my view”

  1. I think this a helpful and sensible blog. Thanks Steve. You are evidently my kind of Guy. I have now seen the “Calamity Clegg” briefing, under its new and more prosaic title: “Nick Clegg in the media on public services reform and proportional representation”, and of course it does contain some ambiguities that Nick really should clear up. They may not matter or be readily comprehensible to Joe Public but hey! policy wonks have votes too.

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