Cue retractions/apologies?

Now that the man himself has confirmed that the Scum story is absolute rubbish, I am hoping that retractions and apologies will swiftly follow.

While we all love a good debate, please. let’s keep this one respectful. All of the candidates will continue to be an asset to the party once this contest is over. There’s been a tendency for some Lib Dems to play into the hands of the press during internal contests!

That said, I’m bound to say that comments such as ‘Ros has a clear lead’ (you know who you are) are just ramping. We really have absolutely no indications of voting intention at this point. The Ros camp would do well to remember that while their candidate is well known and well liked by many activists, there are many armchair members who will be saying ‘Ros who?’

It’s not the blogosphere you have to win over – it’s the wider membership. Claims of a ‘clear lead’ may be somewhat premature.

Having said that, I am enormously relieved that the Big Brother story was untrue!

2 thoughts on “Cue retractions/apologies?”

  1. No offence Steve but it is Team Lembit (through official spokespeople it seems) that is claiming a large Facebook group is a sign of a lead in the campaign.

    Sandal on the other foot it seems.

  2. I actually agree with you that Lembit’s Facebook lead doesn’t mean all that much. My point is that bloggers and Facebook users don’t make up the majority of members eligible to vote. The challenge for Team Ros will be to reach out beyond the Lib Dem internet community

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