Never Forget

We had a very good turn out for the Remembrance Sunday parade and service in High Wycombe.

Remembrance Sunday – and in particular, the two minutes of silence – is an opportunity for reflection. I am by nature a seeker of peace. I find the idea of young men and women facing death and danger to do our bidding almost too sad for words. I am not a classical pacifist, but I do believe it is incumbent on us to exhaust every peaceful and diplomatic means before resorting to armed conflict.

Today I reflected on the fact that I live in a democratic country. I enjoy the freedom to speak my mind, and participate in the democratic process. I owe that freedom to people who risked their lives and in too many cases, paid the ultimate price. We must always remember that in the two biggest armed conflicts the world has ever seen, we fought to protect our free and democratic way of life in the face of tyranny. We must never forget.

Sadly, today we still have service men and women risking their lives daily. Whilst we debate the rights and wrongs of present conflicts, we must remember that our volunteer armed forces never question their duty. I hope and pray that our politicians do everything possible to safeguard our men and women, by ensuring they are well equipped, and by seeking to bring them home as soon as they possibly can.

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