They Don’t Hate Us Anymore

We had the good fortune of securing Tim Farron to speak at our annual dinner this year. Not only was he a very entertaining speaker, but he also helped us draw a line under the difficult elections we all faced back in May. He was speaking to us in the middle of a by election campaign in Hazlemere, which we subsequently won!

The thrust of what he was telling us is that the public have begun to see that:

  • The Coalition was the only game in town after the general election result
  • That Labour do not have a coherent alternative strategy that doesn’t involve increasing our massive debts still further
  • That the alternative to grasping the nettle of our debts would be a Greek tragedy (literally)

Back in May, I encountered outright hostility on the doorstep. In the by election campaign that we have just won, what Tim Farron said was borne out: “people don’t hate us anymore.”

We still have a long way to go, of course. I want people to see that some of the more positive measures that the government is taking are directly from our 2010 Manifesto.

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