Utter Contempt

People who know me will know that it isn’t often that words fail me.

They will also know that I’m not a huge fan of Conservatives either, But David Cameron had the world at his feet. He had led a successful coalition government, steered the nation through a financial crisis, modernised his party to the extent he was able to pass equal marriage into law and then topped it all with an overall majority in the last general election. Not only that, the Labour Party is in such a state of disarray, he could have expected a trouble free five years to boot.

So what did he do with this enviable position? Well, as we all know he thought he could defeat the eurosceptics in his party in a referendum. He gambled and lost. In his arrogance, he had no Plan B, such was his confidence. Now we are all paying the price. The quitters may have their heads in the sand, but Sterling is languishing on the floor, and now we hear we may need to buy visas for our next summer sunshine holiday.

So what does Cameron do? Does he take any responsibility at all for the mess he created? Does he stick around to try and help pick up the pieces? No! He won’t even stay on the back benches. He’s going to crawl away and leave others to clear up the mess he’s made of our country.

I feel nothing but contempt for the man.