There won’t be Coalition of Chaos

… so let’s squash all talk of deals, pacts or any other nefarious practices, and while we’re at it, let’s be very VERY cautious with all these so called ‘tactical voting’ projects too.

I had been a long time supporter of Open Britain, so I was quite pleased when they put my constituency on the list where they’d like to topple the pro-brexit incumbent. Naturally, I logged on to their website to pledge my support. I was rather shocked when, after giving them all my details, I landed on a page urging me to get in touch with my local Labour party. They also followed this up with an email, again telling me I needed to get behind Labour.

Now this is all very galling. Throughout the referendum campaign, the Stronger In stall in Wycombe was amost single handedly run and staffed by local Lib Dems. Not only that, Labour have not, as I write this, even selected a condidate yet! I wrote to Open Britain, but have received no reply. In fairness, Vote2017 have simply stated that they don’t have a view on our constituency yet. But for Open Britain to blatantly favour Labour like this probably expains why the remaining Tories have already deserted them.

Let’s get one thing clear too, we are the only party committed to avoiding hard brexit and putting any final deal before the people. Labour policy in this area is simply an exercise in fence-sitting. The only way the next parliament will contain strong opposition to hard brexit is if it contains the largest possible contingent of Lib Dems.

We must fight to make that happen.


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