The Longest Suicide Note – Now Even Longer

I am not alone is suspecting that the early leak of the 2017 Labour Manifesto was not exactly ‘accidental.’ I thought perhaps they wanted to test the water on a few of their more extreme ideas. Now I am looking at the final document and I actually feel really sorry for Labour supporters. Boy have you been let down.

There are things to applaud in it. I agree we need more money for things like health and social care, and I agree with the need to raise more revenue to achieve it. There are many people in desperate need across our society, and it’s only right that those of us who are more fortunate should contribute our share.

But then it goes way, way further. We can argue the pros and cons of privatisation vs nationalisation. We can debate points about private sector efficiency, effective competition and the like. But we must remember that nationalisation is not a panacea. It has been tried before, with decidely mixed outcomes.

But right now, right now in 2017 our nation is already facing one reckless gamble. Right now, we have decided to turn our economy upside down by withdrawing from the Single Market. Labour make it clear that they intend to pursue a full Brexit, and at the same time they would gamble on borrowing tens of billions of pounds for nationalisation projects (for they admit it would be all done with borrowed money).

So all of Labour’s warm plans for a fairer society will never happen, because they have just issued an even longer suicide note than the one they issued in 1983.

RIP Socialism

No flowers

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