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Why I’m backing Lembit

In 2006, we were lucky enough to have Lembit as our guest for the Wycombe Liberal Democrats Annual Dinner. It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable social occasions I have ever been involved with.

Forget the tabloid image. Lembit is a serious politician right enough. He spoke movingly about the hardships he endured whilst campaigning to win his seat. He also spoke movingly of his passion for local healthcare provision, drawing on personal experiences. He also made us roar with laughter, but not in a bad way. He simply has a wonderful ability to effervesce and enthuse an audience, while still making serious points.

Britain needs politicians like Lembit – who can show that politicians don’t have to be dull and boring. He’s a real character – but he’s also a real Liberal Democrat. Electing him as President will be good for the profile of our party, and a real boost to our hard working grass roots.

He has my vote.