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The Tories are not ‘Open-Source’ friendly. For the majority who are using Windows, I should explain that if you are using Linux (the FREE Open-Source operating system), you cannot see the videos on the latest crop of Tory websites. No great loss, you may think. I should point out the Linux is perfectly capable of playing streaming videos – and it plays the Lib Dem ones just fine. The problem lies with Flash Player 8, which webcameron, among others, has chosen as it’s video streaming platform. Macromedia, the people behind Flash, were taken over by Adobe. Since then, the Linux version of Flash has stood still at version 7, whereas Windows users now get version 9.

Rule 1 of good web development – make sure your content is accessible to as many users as possible! However, if your pining for your daily dose of Cameron, may I suggest webcameron.info, since this spoof site does work in Linux, and is much more entertaining than the real thing!